Power users often edit it to change OS or apps settings to make Windows function a certain way that isn’t possible otherwise. Well, even you can perform registry hacks on Windows 10 to customize how it works. But what if the registry editor cannot import a registry file on your Windows PC? In some cases, an application is the cause of black screen errors.

  • Greg is a co-founder of ChangeBASE, and now CEO of Application Readiness, and has considerable experience with application packaging technology and its deployment.
  • Below is a list of a few of the programs we recommend.
  • During the time Microsoft had also confirmed that there would be no more security updates, or emergency patches unless you’re a business that is willing to pay.
  • Click Delete File on the confirmation prompt and Windows will permanently delete corrupt registry files and other selected files.
  • Any updates available via Windows 7’s Windows Update utility are ones that have not been installed since support ended on January 24, 2020.
  • The need of the hour is to enable a secure boot on a supported computer with UEFI and work on TPM 2.0 as well.

For the future, though, it’s good to know how to export registry entries and import them later to restore the backup. First, open the Registry Editor by typing registry into the Start menu to find the utility. You’ll need to provide administrator permissions to launch it. It won’t let you entirely reset the registry, unless you created a restore point as soon as you started using your brand-new computer. Even for less drastic resets, you might not have a restore point from right before you made changes. Windows lets you make a restore point manually, but that doesn’t help if you’re already having a problem. It uninstalled the 9.x but it left the 12.x orphaned.

How to Check for and Install Windows Updates in Windows 10 & 11

It’s also possible for updates to contain bugs that can cause problems on your PC rather than fixing them. This should be good news for Windows 7 users, especially since Microsoft ended support for the operating system in January 2020. During the time Microsoft had also confirmed that there would be no more security updates, or emergency patches unless you’re a business that is willing to pay. In terms of quality updates or kinds of updates, important updates typically focus on improving reliability, privacy and security.

how to update windows 8.1 to 10

Sconfig sometimes lists different list of updates to install from the result of the GUI windows updates. (I tried both “All” and “RECOMMENDED” with sconfig, and the lists are different in both cases) winsetup.dll missing. If broken software components are causing installation problems, this tool may be able to fix the issue and decrease download and install times. Simply press the Windows button and type Troubleshoot Settings.

That should make it efficient enough to run on most PCs these days, with the exception of some very old Windows XP machines. Edge Browser and Virtual Desktops – I’ve listed these both together as they are catch up features. The Edge browser is Microsoft’s attempt to claw back momentum from Chrome. Edge works significantly faster than Internet Explorer and is only available on Windows 10. The secret to its success is Cortana, a voice assistant ported over from Windows Phone and whose name comes from the Halo video game franchise.

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But Windows 11, first released in October 2021, is growing in popularity, with 13% share in August, up from 2.6% in January. On Tuesday said it’s starting to release the first major update to Windows 11, the current version of its PC operating system. Installing the free update could make PCs more accessible, more convenient, more secure — and maybe even more green. Open the file you’ve just downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions to install the update. Meanwhile, you won’t find some other features that Microsoft has discussed weaving into Windows 11 if you install the update too early. People who are already using Windows 11 on their PCs can install this new update free.

How to Disable Certain Microsoft Updates

Click on the mounted drive and double-click the setup file. On this page, we presented you with the complete process of how to upgrade Windows 8.1/8 to Windows 11. After installing Windows 11, you can now move or transfer the OS to a newly installed SSD.

Performance counters can be disabled via the Windows registry. Should this happen after a Windows update or the installation of a software package, search in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services branch for Disable Performance Counters. If you find one or more entries set to “1”, set them to “0”. However, you are advised to be extremely careful when deleting the registry entries. Even though you have the option to undo it, always have a current backup of your system . Systweak will not be responsible for lost files, data, loss of information, or any other damages. Many users install new font faces and remove them if they do not like them.

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